the beginning of something big

or rather the middle of it, maybe. i’m talking about fiber, about yarn, about cloth, about textures and colors and warmth, oh my.

the beginning was years ago, when i started getting really really into weaving – not that i did any, i just devoured book after book about weaving, cardweaving, rughooking even, loom weaving, everything. (though they might have forgotten about it by now, i never will! hee.) ultimately, i did some card weaving, sighed over looms, read desicriptions of week-long classes at the mannings and ultimately decided to devote more time to book-making, which is also fiber-related and, most importantly, cheaper.

then, about a year and a half ago, i watched amanda start knitting and just like that i got bit finally by the persistent knitting bug. so i started and that was that. or so i thought. but now this spinning thing – hmm, it’s worrying me. it’s making me think i’m going to go just hog-wild with fiber. and the word fiber just hasn’t ever, and still doesn’t, inspire a whole lot in me. it’s just not the prettiest word. but spinning? and spindle? and treadle? and roving? ah, beautiful words they are, making me feel like i’m in a fairy tale, or involved in magic, which just sucks me right in.

for others, the sign that one is truly into spinning would be the buying of a wheel (or dare i say, multiple wheels) and stocking up of roving. me, i’m already looking at attending SOAR, Spin Off’s Annual Retreat – not this year, but maybe next year or the year after. call me crazy but first read this review [from knitters reivew] and then call me names if you wish.

me? i just want to dive in with both feet – the class was amazing and, for anyone else in the so. cal. area that wants to try spinning, i can’t recommend more highly the weaver’s cottage’s classes – as well as cheryl ambrose, the teacher. she was excellent, thorough, patient and just so sweet. i’ll definitely be back and for now, i just can’t stop staring at this beautiful traveller wheel – it’s mine for a week!

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