ack, no power cord

i forgot to bring my power cord with me, so just as i’m about the post a good long post with pics of my sisters and all kinds of other good stuff, my laptop just shuts off. duh, andrea, power is kinda important.

so! just one pic for now, and some other news. i’ll put up the other post and all the other pics tonight or tomorrow.

i really want a cell phone – i haven’t had one for five years and i probably talk for no more than 30 minutes a week on the phone on a regular basis, with, at most, six different people. so why the sudden interest? my sister, who is Pregnant with a capital P (as only twins can do to a mom), is probably going into labor sometime in the next seven days. in maryland. i can’t be there – and i hate that – but i want to “be there” however i can, and a cell phone is really the only way. (by the way, that photo is from almost a month ago, so she’s definitely bigger by now. wow.)

i don’t want a contract or a monthly bill. so, basically a pre-paid one, or pay-as-you-go. i’m also thinking about just buying a used unlocked cell phone real cheap and then buying a SIM card. does anyone have any suggestions? help a guilty-aunt-to-be out!

update: i keep researching prepaid cell phones.. ugh, it’s a nightmare. but anyhow, the more i look, the more i realize i’m not totally closed off to a monthly plan, i’m just not crazy about it. as tomorrow’s payday, i’m tempted to just go into a best buy and grab one of those virgin prepaid junky ones.

really though, i just wish i could be there. ;(

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