july is just flying by

hey there ~

pictures from hanging out with my sisters are up – leave a comment here if you like them. shoot, leave a comment anyhow! i’m sending a link to this post to my sisters in a attempt to get them to start blogging, so i want them to see the power – and addictive tendencies! – of blogging. and yes, that’s a lot of makeup on my face, i know, it was totally fun.

i’m plying like crazy – hence the pic (from left to right: my first drop spindled singles, my first wheel-spun singles, and then my pride and job, my first wheel-spun 2-ply skein – i’m such a proud mama.) and boy do i love the internet, so much great content for free. here’s the bestest of the bestest, or at least what i found so far ;), of spinning online:

i want to make felted soap badly. i’ve had a soapmaking kit for years now – wonder if it’s still good? – and this seems like a perfect segue. heide made some, and don’t they look pretty?

there’s so many good spinning books out there, and one that seems interesting, though i’m less interested in knitting really crazy yarn than spinning it, is pluckyfluff. they even have a camp going on later this year. as much as i like the crazy stuff, i really want to be able to make yarn that looks picture-perfect – shoot, i want it all, you know what i mean?

have you heard about the august eat local challenge? liz writes about it very very persuasively. here in l.a. we’re lucky to have a ton of really great farmer’s markets that i used to go to on a somewhat regular basis. many a time i’ve toyed with the idea of getting local organic produce delivered to my home on a weekly basis, but i always backed off.

last but not least, how’s my no-refined-sugar week going? good, though i’ve had one very guilty transgression: tofutti’s delicious cuties ice cream sandwiches. they’re so good and i was just craving like mad and it was midnight, in my own self-defense. i may have had other transgressions, too – i haven’t been as vigilant as i should – but in general i’m being good and reading labels and cursing high fructose corn syrup’s name. typical me though, instead of researching what i can or can’t eat and shopping for healthy food and all that, i just end up eating less than i usually do. so lazy! i have had a large amount of delicious ratatouille with rice, and some great tofu & broccoli sandwiches, though, so it’s not been too bad.

i have some knitting disappointments but i don’t feel like brooding so i’ll deal with them later and not bother you all, for now at least. have a great weekend everybody ;)

p.s. harry potter day! i’m holding off for a few weeks till i can get it super cheap – it’s all good, the anticipation will just be that much stronger.

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