a poll and a tag

first off, thank you for all the sweet comments on my lovely nieces. these two are going to be a handful, i can tell already!

poll: organgina organina! it’s been done for over a month, but i’ve been relucatant to post photos, or even wear it for more than a minute, because it’s just.. well, it’s beautiful! but the fit is.. ok. yup, just ok. really, too loose, too baggy, and i see all these lovely ones out there that are form-fitting and gorgeous. so, my first poll, help me out here!

(for those of you viewing this in bloglines, go here to vote. thanks! )

and now, meme time, brought to you by winnie ;) ..

10 years ago: i was breaking up with my first boyfriend and missing my second one like crazy. yup, i moved fast in those days. i was in italy, hanging out with my sisters, getting ready to spend a year abroad with my older sis. i had long long hair and was really into big clunky shoes.

5 years ago: graduated from college and was driving across the country from maryland to l.a. all alone – top down, music blasting, hair flying, and a speeding ticket in almost every other state. every night, i’d stop at a motel and fall asleep exhausted, the sound of wind at high speeds still in my ears.

1 year ago: knitting! i was trying to grow my hair out, after cutting it uber-short while angry (scissors + hair = not a good idea when in a bad mood), and feeling stir crazy, stuck in los angeles.

yesterday: moody all morning, better by night. stuffed myself sick before going to sleep, realizing i like peanut brittle more than i thought.

today: happy, chatty, following one topic after another on the internet, i.e. browsing like there’s no tomorrow – so fun.

tomorrow: a long day at work, yeehaw.

5 snacks I enjoy: cheese, sour gummies, bruschetta, pizza, ice cream sandwiches

5 bands/singers I like: off the top of my head.. neil young, abba, pet shop boys, stereolab, and black sabbath. ok, not entirely off the top of my head – i’m all over the place, but really any real rock & roll will do, and lots of pop too.

5 bad habits that I have: biting nails, holding face in weird grimaces, not the cleanest of persons, exagerator extraordinaire, too chatty sometimes, especially “random chatty”, you know what i mean?

5 things I like doing: sleeping, reading, cooking, making, laughing

5 things I would never wear: really pointy shoes (i’m definitely a rounded toe kind of person), tapered pants, leather (i’m trying to get rid of what leather stuff i have, all i have left are some shoes..), fur

5 TV shows I like: any nanny shows, gilmore girls, pbs’ re-enactments of olden times (like..), extreme makeover home edition (i get all teary sometimes, especially because paulie is so dang sweet.), and (sometimes) quiz shows like jeopardy, because i like to feel smart or else be really embarassed at how little i know (mood varies)

5 famous people I’d like to meet: nobody. i’d be too shy. oh! ralph nader – he always seems so decent but dresses so shabby and has those sad hooded eyes, i always wonder if he has someone who’s taking care of him, who makes sure he’s ok. kinda weird, but there it is.

5 biggest joys of the moment: my cats (seriously. when everything else is down, i just look around me, and they’re all sitting next to me and purring and i just want to squeeze them, you know?), my family, the potential of the future, the incredible luck i’ve had in meeting some incredible people, knowing that things can change in an instant.

5 favorite toys: my long-lost spinning wheel (sniff), my laptop, my library card (such a dork, but really, i can get all this stuff – satisfy my shopping impulses – for free! movies, books, music, you name it.), and that’s it. only 3. such an adult, huh? tsk tsk.

hope your weekend was delicious! (ha, shows where my mind is – or rather how full my stomach is, yum.)

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