finished: august 7, 2005
pattern: orangina by stefanie japel
yarn: 2 balls of dale’s stork in turquoise, and just a bit of it in black
needles: size 2s for the lace, and 1s for the ribbing, not that it made a difference!

i love this pattern – and have loved all the various examples of it i’ve seen online. i finished knitting orangina in june but i was unhappy with the fit and just left it in a corner until finally, prompted by the results of a poll, i threw it in the washing machine and dryer not once but twice. the result? it shrunk a good two inches at least in width, and probably just as much in length. (btw, no pilling at all – and i gotta say, i loved loved this yarn, so soft and crisply colored.) thank goodness i like me a cropped top, but the width now is almost perfect.

next time, i’d probably just take off two of the lace columns – and there might indeed be a next time, as this was such a fun and satisfying knit. i knew i wanted the fit to be snugger around the ribbing so i went down a needle size but next time i would do that as well as decrease a few stitches on each side just to be make sure.

i’ve included some pics here of the shoulder seaming and the side seaming – i’m very happy with how it turned out and i realize i love lace seaming more than any other kind. it just makes sense – at least it does when the pattern is as well-written as this one.

[wanna know more? see posted entries about my orangina.]

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