there’s calm in your eye

i don’t know where i’ll be a year from now. i really have no clue – i’m already at a stage i never dreamed i’d be in when i was little. i never ever thought i’d be living in california, much less in l.a. for five years. that i’d be twenty-eight and living alone. that i could get so caught up in and love creating things with my hands. that i wouldn’t be a republican. that i’d never be taller than 5’3”.

some things haven’t changed though – i knew i’d always love books, cats, dancing in my room, the way my hair looks underwater like i’m a mermaid. that i’d love my family forever. that i love to be sassy and sparkly with boys that catch my eye. that i always slow down at the end of big projects. that i’m a big ol’ cry-baby.

here’s another thing that i knew would be and i still know will be in my future, which makes me very happy, and which i wanted to share with all you nice people: one day, i’m going to live in a house that i built myself. and it’s going to look something like this..

and once it was built, i’d invite friends over for long stays and i’d knit and read by the fireside with my cats and i’d trudge in the snow and look for hawks and sleep in a comfy fluffy bed. i’m ok with where i am now – and often much better than ok – but sometimes, to try and get to sleep, instead of counting sheep, i plan out my dream house.

what does your dream house look like?

[all pics are from a favorite book of mine handmade houses: a guide the woodbutcher’s art by art boericke and barry shapiro.]

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