i’m off to new orleans to attend the society of american archivists national conference for a few days – definitely going to be taking pics, but don’t know what kind of posting i’ll be able to do (but hey, if i could do it from sicily!.. ) and then i’m home to maryland, with a lovely wifi setup, for ten days.

for now, some links that have caught my eye:

  • ~ online library – kinda like netflicks, but for books. we’ll see how long this lasts before book publishers freak out.

  • ~ although i’m not much of a sewer, i do like this list of bag patterns, all free and most with pics to boot.

  • ~ i’ve been helping out with christine’s (of lelah fame) new site and been having fun with fonts: identifont, dafont, and 1001freefonts – that last site is designed ugggggly but has lots of great fonts.

  • ~ making green roofs simple – i love the idea of green roofs. wish they were required in los angeles. (here’s more).

i get on a plane in two hours, my hair is full of hair dye, it’s 3 am, and i’m still trying to decide whether or not to take my denise needle set. but hey, at least i’m leaving my cats with brand new cat litter. ;) and tonight’s final project presentation for my IA class went great, yay. phew, no classes from now till the end of september – thank goodness.

hope everyone’s day is beautiful!

and cross your fingers for me that east coast – and louisiana – humidity don’t make me look like a dandelion.

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