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*update: of course, knitters rock. a la yarn harlot’s knitters without borders, margene and susan (of branching out fame) have started a knitting relief effort to help those who have been affected by hurricane katrina. the idea is, if you donate to the red cross (you can also call 1-800-435-7669 if the website is super slow), then email givealittle at gmail dot com and at the end of every week, those two lovely ladies will draw names and send out some fibery prize. for more info, see here.</p>

also, go read liz’s post with snips from a good, however scary, editorial. “The hurricane that struck Louisiana yesterday was nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service. Its real name is global warming..” </em>

*another update: and here’s more help you can give.. don’t forget all the countless animals – including many many beloved pets – that are also suffering after katrina! [thanks stitchy & aunt pearl] . also, if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone, yourself, whatever, why not get a handmade crafty something with all proceeds going to katrina aid? [thanks heidi]. *

hi there ~ it’s been a while, huh? 12 days without a single post! i leave for the aiport in a handful of hours, but wanted to drop a note saying yes, i’m safely out of new orleans and have been cooing over babies ;) for days and days now. lucky me! many more details about maryland, and pics and maybe even a short movie, later, once i’m back in l.a., but for now, here’s some photos of lovely new orleans from when i was there just eight days ago..

the first two pics are of the typical intricate and beautiful architecture in new orleans – the first in the garden district, the second in the french quarter. then, my wifi set-up at the hilton where the conference was held (though my butt fell asleep sitting there working on the laptop, the fountain was a lovely accompaniament). next, a sign lalitha and i came up with (isn’t her yarn pic cute? it was pink glittery too!) calling all knitting archivists for an impromptu knit-up. lastly, though the photo doesn’t do it justice, a shot of the gorgeous sky that last day in new orleans – the clouds were sharp, gorgeously puffy, and with this intense backlighting that was breathtaking.

new orleans is a city like no other i’ve ever been to – so very southern, but with these twists of something else, a little bit european, french, caribbean.. making it just uniquely itself. and the people so friendly and fun-loving. here’s hoping the worst is over for them and their beautiful city.

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