slim, bubby’s cousin

finished: september 8, 2005
pattern: from knitty, by vanessa carter
yarn: 1/4 skein of heather worsted-weight wool (no tag) and a yard or two of leftover cascade 220
needles: size 3 dpns

as soon as i saw this pattern, i knew i would be knitting one up asap. it’s perfect for leftover yarn and it has just enough changes in it to make it interesting but not too many that you’re always squinting at the pattern.

this is the first “thing” i’ve made since my seventh grade “pillow friend” (a home economics class final – and disaster) and i’m pretty pleased with how he turned out. the stuffing was a little tricky and in some places i could’ve definitely added more – i love the pooch the original bubby has.

as for ends, i was worried, but really there were only eight or so – and i didn’t even try weaving them in, just pulled them through the body and just snipped. maybe dangerous, but shoot, i like living on the edge, you know? ;)

this little guy is going out in the mail today, all the way to the east coast to, hopefully, make my niece kiyra giggle a bunch.

[wanna know more? see posted entries about my slim.]

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