i’m trying to get back into the groove of posting more than once a week – especially about things that make me mad – but the week just flew by, i guess. not in a terribly good way, but that’s ok – my apartment is very very clean (considering i have two very sheddy cats) and at night i’m starting to dream of twisted stitches, cabling, and other fun knitting stuff. ha.

but yes, it’s friday – and i have happy knitting news. inspired by laura (of comsicpluto) , i’ve finally started mon petit chou, that lacy lingerie pattern from last summer’s knitty. here’s the front – and i’ll get the back done this weekend, and then the top done next week. it took a little while for me to get the pattern memorized – it’s hard being an ambidexturous combination knitter (doesn’t that sound fancy), because i have to reverse all the wrong side instructions and the increases and decreases have to be really understood structurally, i.e. are they left leaning, right leaning, or what.

anyhow, i’m really enjoying this pattern – yes, kate gilbert creates beautiful things! – but one complaint: why isn’t there a &$*(@^ chart?! or, at the very least, a stitch count at the end of every row? in my life, i try to use as little math as possible, and yes in knitting, i’m betrayed time and time again, sigh. see the pencil, see the scribblings? that’s the mark of one frustrated andrea who wasn’t able to concentrate on her movie and instead had to fiddle with numbers. one upside: once i figured it out, i felt like a math genius.

i’m loving the picot hem – i’ve never done one of those things before and it’s really fun to do, plus to begin i had to cast-on invisibly (sounds funny that way, doesn’t it), which i had never successfully done. i love the color – and so far, it seems like i’ll only need one ball of cascade’s fixation to finish it up, yay.

for knitting inspiration, and a peek at where i’m heading, see here: only two balls of jaeger trinity to make this corset!, and can’t help it, i love this shrug, and yikes, it’s almost the end of september, and i have yet to finish my stitch ya neck out turtleneck shrug, i.e. dpns, here i come.

lastly, i’ve found out over the last few weeks that various people i had no idea knew of this site are reading it – makes me a tad nervous, but ultimately, welcoming. ;) so, welcome luci and claud’s raleigh addidas folks!

have a great weekend everyone.

update: bloglines is ignoring me and i’m not happy about that.

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