it started raining last night and it’s still all drip and splash outside my windows – i’m a moody girl, so i love moody weather, it just calms me right down.

i thought i’d post some happy pictures of my first meal last night with my very own homemade tortillas – they were delicious!

you can find tortilla presses in all different sizes (and cheap!) you could theoretically make the masa (tortilla flour) yourself, but it seems like a pretty intensive effort.

it really was amazing how different the tortillas tasted. i have this favorite local spot i love to get soft tacos from and i always assumed they had some delicious secret salsa or the combination of the limes and beans were doing it or something but the taste was always phenomenal. now i know where it’s really coming from – and i can re-create it myself whenever i want. heaven!

and for much prettier pictures and more tempting descriptions, read tigers & strawberries delicious accounts of tortilla making. i bookmarked the post and just kept reading it whenever i was hungry, it’s that good.

i hope it keeps raining – it’s cheering me up. in knitting news, i finished the petit chou hipsters and am about half way through the top. so far so good. hope everyone is doing well – i’m off to eat some tacos ;)

p.s. check this out – those italians are crazy! though now that i think about it, i would like to hike up a 20 foot bunny.. i sound looney, but click the link, you’ll see what i mean. [via absintheknits]

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