mon petit chou

finished: september 22, 2005
pattern: from knitty, by kate gilbert
yarn: 1 1/2 balls of cascade fixation; just a few meters over 1 ball for the hipsters, and about 1/2 a ball for the top.
needles: size 5s for the top, size 6s for the bottoms

i loved this pattern the moment i saw it a year ago .. but i was a brand new knitter and was super intimidated by it. a year later, it was still pretty confusing, but a fast knit and one of my favorite knits of all time.

the pattern is very smart but would greatly benefit from a chart, for both the top and bottom. thanks to urraca (gracias!), i found out there is indeed a chart for the hipsters – though of course, i only found out just after i finished them ;)

it’s a little confusing how the back of the hipsters, when doing the short rows, the pattern breaks – i frogged like three times until i figured out they were suppose to look like that – so, believe in the pattern, just keep knitting.

i love! the picot edge – and it’s done in a really smart and clean-looking way – and the lace stitch itself is beautiful.

however. the sizing was a little funky for me. i’m ususally a pretty small size, sizes 2 or 4, and so the bottoms i knit in a needle size smaller – and it fit like a charm – and the top i knit in a needle size bigger but in the smallest size – and it was short by three inches! the yarn does have stretch in it, but still, an 18” long top is seriously only going to fit a young, i.e. pre-pubescent, girl! so, snip snip i went (hey, it was 1:30 in the morning and i was just a tad bit frazzled feeling) and then kinda grafted an extra piece i had knit to the very back of the top. and then, ta-daa! it fit fine.

(obviously, the hipsters have more room since the laces on the sides can be either very spaced apart or not. the lacing on the top, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much manuevering room. at least not on me!)

the knitted results are seriously saucy and can make anyone feel like a sex goddess. seriously. it’s a good feeling.

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