weekend roundup

hi there ~

my little sisters always tell me it’s takes 21 days for something to become a pattern. i’m hoping that’s not true – or at least it’s a pattern easily broken. september has largely sucked. bring on october already. </moan>

moving right along: some pics.. first off, a delicious mango cake that i, happily, still have one piece left of and plan to eat tomorrow night as a late night snack. this past thursday, my cousin, his mother, and a close friend of theirs, met me for dinner at a delicious nearby oaxacan restaurant and then dessert at my place, hence the delicious mango cake you see here.

it was such a nice time – a cousin i don’t see very often but when we do, we talk our heads off, at least since we’ve been adults (when we were kids we were both pretty shy around each other if i remember right..) very fun. and he reads my ramblings here. (hello!) how cool is that. i need more cousins like him. ;)

then, my new knitting project (i finished mon petit chou – not without some difficulties – both the bottom and top. i’ll post pics, just as soon as i figure out how much flesh i want to show on these here internets.) .. the cute cables-and-lace, how could i resist!, top from this summer’s vogue knitting.

i’m using an all acrylic yarn that i got for practically a song and let me just say, it’s the sproingiest softest acrylic i’ve ever felt. i’m almost done with the back, but the ribbing is a little hard on my hands, so this will probably take a few weeks.

these last pics are of my very sweet trouble cat. i tried this weekend to take some good pics of her – i wanted to put her on my home page for a while, since mama cat’s been there for at least a year.

i got a good one i’m happy with for now, but i had to share these others since trouble just cracks me up. in the first pic, she’s all shy and timid, since i had just bust out the camera. then she starts getting a little annoyed – see the ears? i love those ears, i could just eat them up. and then we move on to the direct phase where she just looks me right in the eye as in “what do you want.”

when i first got trouble, along with her sister mellow and mama cat, she was like the ‘normal’ cat and thus didn’t get much notice from me for a while. soon enough though, her weird ways shined through, and i love her so for them. i ‘cat talk’ with her all the time – it’s where i stare at her and then slowly blink my eyes, or just one and then the other, and then flick my head to one side, very meaningful-like, and, believe me, she gets it, totally does.

and in other news, well, in bad news: i got a parking ticket on saturday. normally there aren’t any parking restrictions on the weekend, but come saturday morning, of course, only then did i see the temporary “no parking” sign that i could almost swear was not up the day before. turns out there was a big street fair/festival a few blocks away. i was majorly pissed off at myself and at the city. why that street, and all parallel street for many blocks in either direction, had to be closed off was totally mysterious. during the whole festival, no one went on those blocked-off streets, no vendors, no dancers, no tourists, nobody. argghhh. very frustrating.

so, september is almost over – what’s coming up next? a cousin is to visit me – i’m holding a brand new 12” powerbook and blue mini ipod hostage so she has to come, school starts next week, i’m applying for a second job (only 10 hours a week, cross your fingers for me), and i’m determined to spend more time moving my body in the natural world, i.e. head to the newly-discovered-park-right-next-to-a-library during lunch on a regular basis and diligently do excercise three or four times a week in the morning.

that’s it for now ~ have a great monday.

p.s. mj linked the other day to an incredibly horrendous peta video condeming fur. i’m doing the same linking – animals are ever-loving sweet living gorgeous beings and we treat them largely, as a whole, like utter crap. i wish the whole video had focused more on animal cruelty being committed in the u.s. than in asia, as it did in the beginning of the video. “Sixty-four percent of fur farms are in Northern Europe, 11 percent are in North America”, right? so why focus so much on china?

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