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hello ~

i finished the back of the “open rib/cable pullover” (such a charming name, vogue knitting!) and realized that i almost probably definitely will not have enough yarn. at least not of the same color.

see, i bought this yarn on sale, just a few balls, one day, and then a week later, realized i loved the yarn, could do great things with it, went back and was able to find another nine balls – after pushing through, and ultimately stacking up (!) all the balls in the various sale bins – making a grand total of 14 sunsette plymouth balls in this lovely purple you see here. just because i was nervous, i got two more, in a light brown. (btw, the top pic shows the true color a bit better – i love this natural light, but it’s a tad strong and kinda washed out the bottom pic..)

hmm. the pattern calls for 12 balls of dale’s svale, which at 114 yards, equals 1,368 yards needed. the plymouth sunsette, on the other hand, has only 88 yards. i have 14 balls of it in purple, and 2 more in a light brown, so 14 balls equals 1, 232 yards and 16 = 1, 408.

the question, therefore, is, so i have enough yarn, but how to divy up the colors? easily, the neckline can be in the light brown. but is that enough? if not, what about the sleeves color-wise? i could also shorten the sleeves, but i rather like the length of them as is.

and yup, i’ve looked around online but haven’t been able to find plymouth’s sunsette in this lovely shade (color 2885) anywhere. sigh.


p.s. i’m happy to see i’m not the only one who swoons over this yarn – what’s not to love? it’s a slightly shimmery super-soft yarn that loves cables. looks like plymouth has gotten rid of the line though, can’t find any mention of it on their website.

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