handspun scarf

finished: early september 2005
pattern: my so-called scarf
yarn: my very own handspun superwash merino, about 140 yards
needles: size 7s, i think?

i bought the roving, and spun it up, in august, when i was renting the ashford traveller – i loved loved this yarn, so soft (especially in the wash, wow), and the colors just phenomenal. of course my spinning was, and is, very beginner so there was not a whole lot of consistency with thick and thin yarn all over the place. i decided a simple stitch pattern like this one would complement this type of yarn, and happily, it did.

the scarf has the tendency to curl a bit at the edges, even after blocking, but it’s no biggie, still looks, and feels, beautiful. and knowing i spun up the yarn myself… well, it’s just can’t get better than that, can it? ;)

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