hi ~ woke up very late this sunday morning – trouble was just sitting on my bed staring at me and once in a while leaning forward and softly biting my elbow.

i was very social yesterday, well for me at least, going to an informal spinning guild meet-up in the afternoon and then a house warming party at night. definitely fun, and so nice to get out of my apartment for a bit. my mom always says that my dad has to be literally dragged from the house to go out to parties, he’s such a homebody, but then, once out, he just has a blast and has to be again literally dragged home. ah, i am so much like him!

so, i have some finished knitted things to show and finally put into the project page – both have been finished for a while, just needed some ribbon and some blocking. i love the petit chou but all the pics were too scandalous ;) so i’m just putting this one up.

i had some fun with the handspun scarf ~ doesn’t my kitchen corner look cozy? not so clean, but definitely cozy. and yes, that’s me posing so, looking so studious, ha. the scarf is so soft and lovely, and the colors! sigh. very proud of this, my first superwash spinning and knitting, delish. as always, for more pics and info, see the projects page..

yesterday i finally paid the price for something i’ve been stupidly doing for weeks now. don’t know why, but i like driving on fumes, just seeing how long i can go before i get scared and have to put some gas in the car. so silly! my version of living on the edge i guess, ha. anyhow, finally yesterday, the car just shuddered and shuddered for a minute and then stopped. ack! lucky lucky me, i was just a few blocks from my apartment, and a nearby gas station.

(i know this sounds maybe really dangerous, but don’t worry, i was only taking local roads, driving on the right hand side, and totally ready to pull over at any minute. again, i have no idea why i did this, or have been doing this, for weeks now – any psychological insights anyone has are appreciated. ! )

anyhow, so then i was forced to admit my stupidity by having to walk to the station, buy a gas container, fill it up, take it to my car, realizing it wasn’t the right type of container (it was meant to fill up lawn mowers, etc), so then go to my apartment, find some sturdy-ish plastic to make a cone, fill up the gas tank – feeling very mcgyver-ish, try and start the car, flood the tank as much as i can (is that what it’s called?), and then hallelujah, get it starting, and of course, then drive to the station and fill it up all the way with gas.

since then, i noticed the car has a little wheeze to it, so i wouldn’t be terribly surprised if i caused some kind of permanent damage to my car. ahh, this car has been such a bane in my life. not the car’s fault, it’s all mine. so! the moral of the story: don’t be an idiot like andrea and fill up the car when it get close to empty.

in other news, big events are happening all around: lalitha got married! heidi and christine are both pregnant! tanya got engaged! go wish them all much happiness, yay.

and last, but not least, it’s my little sisters’ birthday today – happy birthday luci and claudi! sorry about the quality of the pics – they’re photos of photos – but in the first one, it’s the twins around 4 years old somewhere in utah, claudi’s on the right, luci on the left (lefty luci, righty claudi, hee.) and the next one is of the four sisters, me, daniella, luci, and claudi. mwah, i love you, chicas! can’t believe they’re turning 24, ahh, i remember when they were this little.

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