october is a great month

so far it’s treating me loads better than september. how so? for one, i have a happy secret (not involving any rings or bellies, no worries) i’ll hopefully share in a while, two, the weather is definitely a bit fall-ish, very blustery at least, which makes me grin, and three, i received this great package from the so nice & clever cassie. i hadn’t mentioned much about the syno swap up to now, because i was procrastinating horribly, although i have till the end of october, thank goodness… but now i absolutely have to! look what came in the mail yesterday:

first off, a mini-buttonhole bag! i’ve been eyeing the pattern for months, and then this shows up. yay!

oh yes, what’s inside? lush soap! in an enclosed card, cassie wrote that as she read that i don’t like candy – must have been from those sugar-free days ;) – she got me some non-candy. when i read that, i thought ‘please don’t let it be sunflower seeds, or raisins, or…’ and then the smell hit my nose. my!

i love love lush products – just got into them this past august, but since then, i’ve developed a major passion for them. and honestly, at the risk of sounding too infomercial-ly, my skin and hair has never been happier. double yay. the soaps – three of them, count ‘em! – are delicious and i can’t wait to use them.

thank you so much cassie ~ and yes, you clever girl, this has already motivated me to get cracking on your turtleneck shrug – though the heavenliness of the yarn (cashmere silk!) is doing it’s own motivating too ;)

~ happy friday ~

p.s. here’s an update pic of my cable-and-lace sleeve with it’s color change. i decided to go all dramatic and do a very deep ‘cuff’. it’s pretty huh?

update: can’t help it, my mom just sent me some pics of when my sisters were born, and they just take. me. back. sigh. i love station wagons! and that other pic is of my siblings, me, and my dad peeking in the nursery window. ahh.


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