hey, it’s monday!

in other words, some random thoughts:

i got raindrunk this weekend. never heard of that kind of drunk? well, it’s one that only afflicts ex-east coasters living in southern california. saturday night it rained, just twenty minutes of heavy rain, and i was all grinning and sighing. for those of you having days upon days of rain, i probably sound a tad bizarre, but really, you gotta experience at least five so. cal. summers and then you’ll get it ( i wasn’t like this last year.. but, no, i guess i’ve always been a bit of a rain freak. i used to love to swim in the rain. and i still always love jumping in puddles. hey, i’m a pisces, what can i say.)

after almost four years of carting around a soap-making kit, for some reason this morning i just put down the book i was reading, walked over to a clost, and pulled out that kit. two hours later, i had soap. or rather, something that promises to be soap but for now is highly caustic and poisonous(!). since it was my first batch of soap ever, i thought, what the heck, and added in some cornmeal (for exfoliating purposes) and attempted to add some color by marblizing the soap with some nutmeg-color. we’ll see what comes out – after saponification, the soap needs to cure for at least three weeks. (and then i got lost in soap window shopping ;) )

which is worse: talking to oneself on-and-off for hours or not talking for hours and then be totally startled to hear sound come out of your mouth?

i’ve been cooking a lot recently ~ i forgot how much i love trying out new recipes so it’s been really nice just going all into it again. i was in a very cheese mood yesterday so i made moosewood’s apple cheese gratin. it was good, but definitely would be better with some kind of bottom to it, like a cornmeal crust. still, gruyere and apples can never be anything but pretty delicious. ;) then, tonight i made some delicious cornmeal muffins. i also want to make some cookies tonight for a bake sale at school on tuesday, more cooking!

in spinning news, a fellow l.a. guild member is starting a knitty-for-spinners: Spindlicity! the first issue will be out in december, yay.

a few weeks ago, i installed tiger, the newest operating system from apple and i’m having a lot of fun with it. of course, the widgets, oh the widgets! here is my fav, a basic 5 day forecast. aren’t the images so pretty! and see what monday’s prediction is? (i love how as the weekend passed, the prediction got decidedly more rainy.) yay ~ bring out the umbrellas and moody music. excellent.

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