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i can now track and see who visiting this page using google maps, see? [via rogue librarian, yay she’s back]

and another new online knitting mag: menknit! i’m already thinking about the lacey tank ~ for me ;)

i love web voyuerism: people posting pictures of their kitchens. the only rooms that are more fun to look at are craft & studio rooms (what’s in my bag is fun too.) [via etches-johnson].

in his latest alertbox, jakob nielson writes about Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes. some of the ‘mistakes’ i don’t really pay much attention to (coughnumbers3,7and8cough) but the last two definitely caught my eye:

  1. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss
  2. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service</p> the last one, because when i set up my first site (uuf, that takes me back. there used to be a lot more there, some of it you can see here) back in 2002, i was always bothered by the popups, hated the limitations geocities put on me (no php!), and felt pretty uneasy about having all my hard work be somewhere else, where i didn’t control it. i definitely kept backups, though to a certain extent, i forced myself to say fuckit a lot, just to be prepared for the worst. once i moved to my own domain, i felt much better. though, if some disastrous problem ever happens and i didn’t make a timely backup, there’s no one to blame but myself. gulp.

number 9 caught my eye because it’s the same question i keep thinking about on and off for months now. for now, my full name appears on this site, as well as my employer’s name, my general geographic location, etc. i used to post my whole resume, including phone number and address, but i got rid of that. i just don’t know which way to go in terms of privacy versus disclosure.

i sure wouldn’t want to work somewhere where i could be fired for the things i’ve written here, that would be ridiculous! but i also know that as more and more people in my ‘real’ life (no offense, dear readers!) know about this site, the more nervous i get about posting about sad stuff or really anything negative. in reality, i tend to be a person who keeps her cards close to her chest, you know what i mean? so here, this very public thing is such a release, an escape. but in some ways now, that’s diminishing. hm.

anyhow, no answers, just out loud wonderings.

when i was little – like all kids, i’m thinking – i loved loved twinkies. i tried out a few months ago and it was disgusting. now, i still love junky food (i.e. sour candy of any type!) but i was really surprised with how bad that twinkie tasted. ugh. and for some reason, i still keep thinking about it.

i want a “organize your life” software. really! at the very least, any recommendations on good and cheap/free mac applications that help with any/all of the following: budgeting, schedules, to-do listing, shopping, etc?

thanks ~ and on the horizon: an actual finished knitting thing! some pics of my ugly but fragrant soap (i’m thinking soap felting..) & more.

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