spinning again

on friday, after two strong emails to various spinning enablers all about how i was going to wait to get a wheel, or even rent a wheel, later that day, during lunch i drove up and rented a majacraft rose. so pretty! and a little more tricky than the ashford traveller but ultimately, i’m sure it’ll be more satisfying. why am i not positive now? because my brother, out of the blue, came to visit me this weekend and we did the following:

  • ~ went to west coast choppers – he’s a motorcycle buff
  • ~ gambling at the bicycle casino, learned blackjack
  • ~ saw paul reiser standing at mall
  • ~ saw semi-naked photo shoot at beverly hills sign
  • ~ suffered through l.a traffic
  • ~ cruised sunset strip
  • ~ ate pupusas at salvadoreno restaurant
  • ~ went to a comedy show – harland williams at the improv
  • ~ marcus bought some cigars first
  • ~ i had a key lime pie martini, delish
  • ~ breakfast in the valley, overheard movie execs
  • ~ saw where i work and sat in a recording booth
  • ~ saw the hollywood sign through the fog and a bunch of ‘stars’ on the sidewalk
  • ~ stood in front of graumann’s chinese theater
  • ~ bought some souvenirs for the family
  • ~ watched surfers waiting for some waves at topanga beach
  • ~ saw another model shoot
  • ~ drove around rodeo drive
  • ~ went to muscle beach – no muscle today
  • ~ walked around the venice boardwalk
  • ~ saw a movie shoot – don’t know which movie
  • ~ played around on bars and hoops
  • ~ watched skaters bopping around, dancing
  • ~ watched a drum circle
  • ~ went to a hockey game – the kings lost
  • ~ woke up very early to get to the airport

(the smart guy that he is, he saw and did more in 48 hours than a lot of people do in a week of visiting l.a.) so, now i need a weekend to recover from my weekend. and i need some wheel time, it’s just been sitting there all neglected. there was no knitting either – i asked my brother about bringing some to the hockey game and he just stared at me as if i had grown a second head.

so this is how that crazy fun yarn is made.

silk spinning explained, with pictures

MJ pointed out some beautiful wintery hat kits that i’m a-thinkin’ about.

there’s so many crafts i want to dabble in, like screen printing. i’ve done a bit but this cheap screen printing tutorial makes it seem much more do-able.

felted pumpkins are also on my mind – though what to do with them later..?! it’d be cool to make them hollow somehow, to put candy in or something like that..

for itunes users, i’m trying to figure out how to manage multiple libraries – success or failure to be announced soon-ish

i’m thinking ahead to new projects. i have probably four different works-in-progress, but i just don’t feel a zip of motivation about them. so, in the meantime, i’m making a plan. first:

  • ~ finish vogue cabled sweater – only need an inch of ribbing!
  • ~ SYNO scarf! major priority. major major.
  • ~ then! breathe.
  • ~ lace-leaf pullover. inspired by winnie’s beautiful one, i got some rowan polar (similar weight, gauge, content) in ‘silver lining’, which i’m hoping is a very very light blue.
  • ~ and, rogue! on the horizon. finally bought the pattern and am currently trying to decide what color in bartlett’s 2-ply palette to choose from.. leaning towards natural earth colors. hm.
  • ~ rowan’s butterfly, the dress version. after seeing eunny’s version using jagger spun zephyr, i’ve decided to forgo the kidsilk haze, especially since i never like halos on me much anyhow. still trying to figure out the color on this one too.
  • ~ finally use up that beautiful heavy chunky cotton using either on-line raglan pattern.

theoretically, also on the list:

  • ~ last other baby yellow-and-white hoodies
  • ~ crazy beautiful lace top from IK a while back
  • ~ frog and re-knit the bevin too
  • ~ possibly undo bottom of tammy sweater, knit a few inches, and then graft the two together? obviously, needs more thought.
  • ~ uuf, the two phildar top waiting not-so-patiently. !

a verrrrry long post with zip pictures. sorry. i’m still under this dark evil mood cloud i’ve been under for weeks now. the kind that makes me want to be (or at least feels it’s inevitable so why not accept it) a hermit at the edge of the woods and become very bitter and spit at people as they pass. sux. but, hope some of this was interesting nonetheless – the creativity of people and beauty in the world are what keep me inspired and hopeful for some chance of meaning & beauty in some parts of my life at least. so, keep on keepin’ on, ok.

p.s. have you ever wondered why it’s always windy in autumn? this kind of question, the answers that follow, and the sites that promote them make the info-crazy in me happy.

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