comfy just when needed

i very rarely get sick – maybe just a few days once a year. as a result, i’m an absolute baby when i actually do get sick. and this year is the first time i’m sick with no family or friends to coddle me in the slightest bit. reminds of the scene in that not-very-good “frankie and johnny” flick where michelle pfeiffer tries to give herself the heimlich because she’s alone and choking. i always laugh remembering that scene, so silly.

anyway, coddling this year has come in the form of this lovely sweater. granted, i’ve realized a major difference in what i thought i was knitting: this yarn is oh just a tad (ahem) heavier than the dale svale called for. this results in a bulky knit rather than the streamlined caribbean-light pullover i was going for. i also have some issues with the sausage-y-ness of the arms, but i reassure myself that even in the model pic, her right arm looks a tad snug to my eyes as well. lastly, the binding off was frustrating as the pattern called for 28 decreases spread out evenly over 200-some stitches for the neckline. i ended up having to decrease 60 stitches and still, it’s practically slipping off my shoulders. (i’ll probably re-re-re-re-do(!) the neckline, and maybe add in some elastic, but not today, nor any time soon.)

nonetheless, i love this sweater. one of these pics is from work – i got here early for once! and managed to take a pic just before i started working – so please note the stern archival stance in the pic with the green wall. i’ll try for better pics during lunch, maybe with light!, so stay tuned. done.

for you bloglines readers, the background here has changed. i loved the trees but needed some fall/halloween spookiness & change. plus i just found out that i was born under a full moon. so.

in other news, one down, many more to come, hopefully. though let’s not forget about other important issues, like supreme court seats..

here’s some links rattling around my brain recently:

happy weekend to everyone ~

p.s. sorry for the gloomy look! i just realized the background combined with the bad lighting of the pics.. it all looks kinda dark and gloomy around mellowtrouble, i.e. more emphasis on the trouble than the mellow, huh. anyhow, consider it a halloween theme. boo!

update: i don’t get this whole “criminalizing politics” thing. any help out there? sounds totally bogus to me. never mind, i get it. it is totally bogus.

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