fact #1: turtleneck shrug pattern calls for 23” sleeves
fact #2: swatch showed some lengthening when blocked
fact #3: as a result, i knit 21” sleeves
fact #4: i proceeded to block – and sent a joyful “i’m done!” email to cassie, my syno pal
fact #5: two days of blocking later, i had 27” long sleeves. (sorry for the horrible pic..)

so. gulp. silent shreak froggin’ away and re-knitting that sucker. i’m so sorry, cassie! but i have a feeling sleeves this long will do you no good!

thankfully, this weekend i’ll have plent of time to do it. last time, it took about 4 days of knitting to do the whole thing, and since i’m only frogging down 17 inches(!), it should take only two days to fix this. (so jinxing myself)

so, what’s the plan for this weekend?

~ the california library association’s annual conference in pasadena. on saturday (tomorrow! wow), i’ll be on a panel about blogs and rss – entitled ‘blah blah blog’ – and i’m nervous but excited about that. plenty of kntting time at the conference.

~ sunday, i’ll be ducking out a bit early in order to go to the southern calif. handweavers’ guild annual festival. definitely plenty of knitting time there. and, yes, the wallet will accompany me, oh my. it’s open to the public – so if you’re in the l.a. area, join me!

i joined mj’s new kal, norwegian knits-along! i ordered a bea ellis hat kit and am hoping the colors i chose work as well as they do in my mind.

happy weekend ~ and make sure to take in lots of water and vitamin c, there’s nasty colds going around. i was so sick last week i lost my voice for two days and was coughing up things no one wants to think about. yikes.

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