who knows where the time goes

last weekend, at the fiber festival, i went crazy and got a lot of stuff: three bags of roving from crosspatch creations, a “totally tubular tube” from three bags full and crosspatch creations, two spinning pamphlets by bette hocheberg (i love reading about the history of spinning and clothing and all that. by the way, if you like that stuff too, definitely check out ellizabeth wayland barber’s em_women’s work: the first twenty-thousand year_em, it’s excellent), and a handful of old ‘handmade’ journals from the early ’80s.

unfortunately, since i got there later in the day, in time for the fashion show (very fun and some gorgeous weaved stuff), i missed seeing other online knitters, like mj and julia. though it looks like they got got some good spinning inspiration also, yay.

and now some closeups of the yarn i made ;) the purple-and-yellow yarn is double plyed and the other purple-y yarn from the tubular kit was navao plyed, which i’m growing to love love as my favorite type of plying. i’m still working on consistency (who isn’t!) and the navajo plying tends to smooth that out a lot. plus it’s fun to do and there’s never leftover yarn. i’m still working on getting the perfect low twist single yarn..

the tubular tube fiber was really fun – you see it in these pics both still on the bobbin, and then all plyed up below. i highly suggest it for those that are just starting to spin and want to try a whole bunch of different types of fiber, prepared differently, etc etc. plus the color changes are very fun to spin and i absolutely love how the yarn came out. i’m thinking i have about 350 yards dk weight of the purple-and-yellow and around 300 yards worsted weight in the purple, maybe more.

and some random links:

~ greatest 100 internet moments according to one guy

~ randomaccessmemory.org, i can get lost in this kind of thing for hours

~ knowing what you want, been on my mind a lot lately

~ good use for singles and also for trying out beads and lace..

~ check out the winter interweave knits preview – looks like an awesome issue, especially the mulaks, ‘brilliant retro’, and the b-colored cables top.

any guess on the title of this post? [..insert jeopardy theme..] if you guessed it’s the title of the song by fairport convention, sung by sandy denny, go you. this song has been haunting me, i woke up the other morning with it in my brain and the beauty and sadness of it has not left me since.

have a great weekend, everyone.

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