two of my favorite jokes ever, proving the forever immaturity of my mind:

~ what’s the color of a burp? burple.
~ where do generals keep their armies? up their sleevies.

here’s some one photo for now, showing my mad spinning skillz, while i indeed play catchup to work, school, swap knitting, emails, laundry, and the such – i started thinking what pics to post and man, there’s too many. tomorrow for sure for sure i’m returning the wheel, so i figure i’ll do some last spinning tonight, and i’ll post a whole slew of pics this weekend. for now, this one sums up how i feel about my handspuns, and yes that entire basket is filled with them.

too many good links out there:

~ ten dollar sale for threadless tees, very tempting.
~ i’m determined to finally this year go to l.a.’s own bazaar bizarre..
~ especially now that i know jill bliss will be there. i love her stuff, and i’m liking a lot her new 2006 calendar (can you believe it’s time to already be thinking about 2006 calendars!?)
~ one day, i too will have a secret room [via absinthe knits]
~ for you book and techie lovers, check out the internet archive’s new open library, very very cool. try turning the page – it uses AJAX (for coding, not cleaning) to make it look so purty.

and lastly, a question regarding hair color: (more of the) blonde or platinum?

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