i’ve come to one, hopefully a big one, at least in regards to this site here: for lack of a better term, being a comment whore is .. well, silly.

what’s a comment whore? simple to determine: if you say yes to two or more of the criteria below, you’re one too.

~ you don’t post more than once or twice a week in hopes of gettting more comments
~ you find yourself muttering/praying/squealing “double digits! double digits!”
~ even though you have a long list of daydream posts (to be defined later if necessary), you still don’t post in hopes of accruing comments on current post
~ you look at your log/flappr/bloglines number a lot
~ you ungraciously feel maligned by those who you know are reading but still do not comment (edited to add: i so don’t mean this as a complaint! shoot, i don’t comment all the time on other’s writings, and i totally don’t expect others to either. rather, it’s an example of my comment-obsesssion. funny, right? ha ha? hm.)

yes, i’ve been guilty of them all. i blame it on a un-commented youth blog-wise. bring out the violins, i know, but really! i didn’t get any comments for a long time (months and months) from anyone when i first started this out (except for amanda, who will always have a special place in my heart as a result ;) ) so now, my appetite is just voracious.

but. revelation, right? right. so, yup, it’s all silly. there’s toooo many posts i have already written out, in my head at least, practiced in my car a dozen times, but i just haven’t posted them.

therefore, i’m determined to break this pattern, starting now with a short video i made a whiiiiile back, enjoy!

caveat: having recognized it as silly does not mean i won’t fall off the wagon every once in a while, but know that as i do, at least i’ll recognize it as such ;)

(the film bit takes about 30 – 40 seconds to load, give it time, ok? and yeah, i know i twist my mouth and crinkle my face a lot when i talk, what can i say.)

[if you can’t see the movie, try clicking here]

(also (can you tell i’m a bit nervous about posting this? ;) ), the weird pauses by me in the beginning were due to sounds of fighting i could hear from my window, sounds i hear way too often sadly. for info’s sake, especially regarding hair!, this video was taken in late september. )

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