eye of the storm

i’ll drop off my cousin at the airport at noon, and then begins three full days of insanity.. just to exhaust you as i am exhausted, let me list what’s to do be done:

~ write a paper comparing and contrasting the differences between readers of samuel pepys’ diaries in the 1500s versus now through [his blog][1] (!), what that means about print culture and all that fun stuff – i believe in miracles: due date was pushed back a week!

~ work about 10 hours in non-regularily-scheduled times on the archives’ website getting ready for our..

~ 18 hours annual funddrive, beginning at 4 am on tuesday. yup, i’ll be there.

~ two one three-and-a-half-hour lecture classes. it’s finals, folks.

~ 7 hours of work for another project on monday

~ and, most importantly, laundry so i have somthing to wear to said events not gonna happen.

but. my cousin came to visit me unexpectedly on friday night and since then, it’s been a talkfest with lots of laughing, and lots of traffic in which to talk and laugh in (though since she lives in mexico city, she scoffs at our traffic). in some ways, she’s my separated-at-birth twin, we are so similar in experiences, interests, personalities, humor. but she’s wayyyy beyond me in maturity and control, which are things i greatly admire. when we were little, we were so competitive with each other – or at least i was with her! – and i remember when i heard what her highest tetris score was, i was green with envy. silly! i never did manage to beat that score though..grrr. ;)

she’s a dancer, with a newly confered degree in choreography, and we got to talking about how i really want some kind of regular physical activity in my life.. and then it just occured to me out of the blue: horseback riding. hmm, crazy? time will tell. i signed up for classes that start in late january. i did some horseback riding back in elementary and middle school, but more at my parents’ wishes than any interest on my part. now though, i like the idea of it a lot. hm.

ok, linky time:

~ a web tradition by now, leslie harpold’s online advent calendar

~ this handmade clothing is great great. while doing some christmas shopping, i couldn’t help but buy one of stehpanie syjuco’s designs just for me.

~ that link came from craftivism’s posts – and there will be more each week – on crafter’s and artist’s stuff you can gift this year for the holidays, already a source of at least lots if virtual window shopping ;)

~ i’m thinking about christmas decorations – last year i had a little teeny tree and i loved it. the only problem was that i did no decorating besides some christmas lights, so this year, i’m thinking basics: a pom-pom garland, some paper snowflakes, and a star on top. [links via soulemama]

~ i found another example of an awesome digital library: the british library’s turning the page series – including the original alice in wonderland manuscript. they use flash, versus open library’s ajax, but it’s still darn impressive. check it out.

~ hintbug is a pretty cool online wishlist that’s free, not filled with too many ads, and a pretty clean design. my list is filled to the brim with fiber, yum.

and that is that. i’m shaking a bit in my boots as to what the following days will be like, but here goes nothing. hope your weekends were fabulous ~

p.s. that pic was taken using apple’s photobooth – lots of fun and there are some crazy images that will never show up on the internet using effects called “fisheye” and “squeeze” ;) but this one was using an effect called “glow”.

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