december 9th, ack!

hi there ~ it’s been a very busy week and i still have two papers due monday and tuesday so this weekend will be busybusy too, but i still feel like a big part of the craziness is over.

of course, my knitting is wayyyy behind schedule – both christmas knitting and swap knitting. i’m totally embarassed to say i still owe my stitch ya neck out pal her scarf – not cool! i’m sorry! the recipient-to-be is cassie of autumn sweater, whose tubey in the latest knitty is generating a ton of well-earned compliments. isn’t it so cute looking! so, progress report: since the blocking incident, i had to frog almost the whole shrug so i bought some of those mini clover circulars a few days back and i’m bringing the wip with me everywhere so i can hopefully get her scarf out to her before christmas. ay!

in the biggest news of the moment, yesterday i gave my two weeks notice at work – geez, it felt so good! i’ve been feeling for a real long while that it was time for me to move on – i’ve been there almost four years! and when my boss announced to everyone that i was leaving, there was a very satisyingly audible collective gasp, yay. .. so, my last day of work is december 19th and there’s so much to do in the meantime. i didn’t realize until yesterday when i start organizing, how much stuff i’ve accumulated in my desk. i’m going to feel so FREE! after the 19th, in a somewhat scary free-fall kind of way, but mostly in an exhilirating i-can-do-anything kind of way. whee!

of course, me being me, i accepted a job already that though only ten hours a week will pay for my school tuition (yay!) plus a little extra and is a challenge i’m already enjoying – it’s as the webmaster for the california center for the book, a state literary center. i’ve already tweaked the design a bit and did some major structure overhaul, very fun. i’m thinking about setting up a little professional site with my resume, examples of web work, etc – but domain names are tricky to figure out. for a professional site, should i go with my full name? i’d rather not since i’m not crazy about my last name (sorry poppy!).. hm.

anyhow, here’s two pics of my tree – i got it the day after the funddrive when i was dead exhausted and just needed to chill out for a few hours. isn’t it purty? i still need to add some stuff, and yes, i know, it needs a little something around the bottom, cause that stand isn’t so pretty ;) but at night, oh how happy it makes me! i lovelove! the smell of christmas trees. and christmas lights?! oh, don’t get me started! gotta say that lighting is key in a home.

hey, all angelenos, don’t forget this weekend is the bazaar bizarre!

and that’s it for me – i’m going to do a wip-show-of-shame in a few days so that i will feel the whole public pressure thing to get. stuff. done. also, i got a great knitting gift from a friend, plus some packages are waiting for me at the post office. for now, i’m happy ~ hope you are too ~

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