wips and memes

funny, both of these words are pretty new to me, about a year or so, all due to these internets. ;) here goes, wips first, most of which you’ve never seen before.

project: flenten hat
status: decreasing time; had to work on not-me knitting, so this is in limbo at the moment; next time i’ll attach the lining using the method mj suggests since i’m not crazy about that horizontal line, though at least it doesn’t show when the hat is actually worn
project: booga bag
status: just needs to be thrown in the washer and felted, dried, and then de-fuzzed; this gift my sister-in-law immediately asked for last year when she saw the booga bag i gave my sister – gotta love those who know what they want ;)
project: besotted scarf
status: unclear who exactly for, but loving the cables; definitely my older sister’s color, but i don’t know if she’ll actually wear it, hmm
project: syno turtleneck shrug
status: i love the yarn but the ribbing is making my knitting look horribly uneven and so v. embarassing; this is my third attempt at knitting this shrug – the first was a total disaster, the second was greatgreat until blocking and growing about 7 inches ahem, so third time’s a charm, right?
project: harry potter scarf (a la “prisoner of azkaban”)
status: finally, the perfect gift for my dad, and a little over halfway done; using knitpicks’ andean silk, and i gotta say i love this yarn

i recently got jess hutch‘s knitted creature book, so if there’s time, i’ll make one for a lucky nephew and there’s enough leftover kureyon to make a mini-booga bag for my oldest niece.

and that’s it. see, i do knit still! ;) and to also prove it, this weekend i’m going to a l.a. knit-bloggers get together i was invited to. eek, a bit intimidating, but i’m sure it’ll be fun nonetheless. just in case, i’ll be brining along some knitting mags to divert attention from my weirdness, if need be. hope it works.

and now, meme-time, via moni of black sheep: “List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.”

according to itunes, this is what i listened to most recently, some over and over again..

  1. the night they drove old dixie down, by bob dylan & the band
  2. lather by jefferson airplane
  3. give me love (give me peace) by george harrison
  4. feel good inc. by gorillaz
  5. shake it off by mariah carey
  6. 21st century schizoid man by king crimson
  7. a plea for tenderness by the modern lovers

i tag the last seven-ish commenters: beth, lolly, the feminist mafia, julia, karen, liz & meow girl. as always, if you don’t dig memes, no hard feelings ;)

i’d add “life on mars” by david bowie and “crying in the chapel” by elvis presley too, if i could have a #8 and #9. totally weird mix of old and new and rock and pop, i know, but it’s been weeks now and it’s usually either this mix or silence. note: i love singing along of course, so the sing-along-i-ness of each song is key. (yes, even and maybe especially king crimson. i can sing along with a guitar, yes i can.)

it’s weird how this can’t be forced, but i think these songs from here on out will always mean to me this time period, fall and early winter 2005. i like that, but probably that will mean that afterwards i won’t listen to these songs very often in fear of diluting the memory. you know what i mean? there’s some songs, for example most lesley gore songs (and i don’t mean “you don’t own me”), that i won’t listen to except by accident on the radio every once in a while, so that when i do hear a song by her, i’m just immediately taken back to that time, that feeling i had, when i first really got into her songs. i loved that time period and i never want to forget those feelings i had when i was in it. with some songs, some memories, remembering feels like a bottle of rare perfume and i’m careful to keep the lid on tight.

have a beautiful weekend ~ it’s the weekend before the craziness of christmas, enojy it!

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