back in l.a.

hi there ~ happy 2006! i got back yesterday morning and i think i’m finally caught up on sleep. now, today and tomorrow it’s all about clean up: pay old bills, return library books, organize papers, clean the apartment, return some gifts, etc etc. also, tomorrow i’m sending out some much overdue mail and little packages .. more on that later. ;) and then, on saturday, it’s back to the fiber! (there’s a spinning guild meeting, yay).

i totally meant to post more in the last two weeks but family time is a total black hole, as much as i love them all!, and with five kids under the age of five, that black hole is just getting stronger. ha.

for christmas, i got a much needed ball winder that will work perfectly with this great wooden swift a friend surprised me with a few weeks ago – more on that later too. i’ve decided sometime next month i’m going to drive up to carolina homespun for the day and check out all their wheels. 2006 will be the year of the wheel! ;)

ok, off to clean up and chill out ~ i can’t emphasize how happy i am to not have to go to work, to have days and days ahead of me with only schoolwork ahead and a very small and very flexible work schedule at ucla. bliss!

hope everyone is happy and that the end of the year treated each and every one of you very well ~

p.s. my bloglines number is incredible.. over 500 entries to read!?!? craziness. also, that elephant pic is totally random, i know, but it’s what greeted us every day on the cruise ship after our room had been straightened up, isn’t it adorable! more pics later, gotta clear them with my family first – i may be all public, but they aren’t necessarily ;)

update: at francesca’s request, here’s the elephant pattern from a royal caribbean pamphlet featuring lots of other animals. this book looks useful too. the librarian in me is feeling very smug right now. ;)

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