so that’s what those things do!

a few weeks ago, a friend of mine at my old workplace gave me something he said he’s been carrying around for years and didn’t really know what it did but that he thought maybe i’d know what to do with it, so he gave it to me. imagine my surprise when i see a lovely miniature wooden swift! i was so tickled pink all day long – and that was a day that needed tickling, believe me you.

then, on christmas day, what do i get from my brother and sister-in-law but a lovely ball winder! wow. they kinda shrugged smiling when i opened it, saying they had no idea what it was for or why i wanted it, but it was on my list, so there i go. ;)

therefore, for these non-knitterly friends and family, i present you with skeining 101.
[if you can’t see the movie, try clicking here]

and yup, that’s some handspun there – it’s oh-so-satisfying to skein up your own spun yarn. though i did wince now and then at the uneveness, oh well. ;)

happy friday! ~ ~

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