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hi, i’m andrea hull. a moody, vegetarian, polyglot, pisces, 28 year old, middle child, introvert, 5’3” fiber-crazy bibliophile.

i’m also a grad student at the department of information studies at ucla. i’m in my third year and will graduate this spring. even though i get pretty impatient waiting to graduate, i’m happy i took it slow to avoid the total burnout and stress-o-rama i went through senior year in college. and hey, this way i’ve taken almost every course offered! ha.

from 2002 till late 2005 i worked at the pacifica radio archives in different capacities and constantly changing schedules. i’m really glad i quit working there, but it was a good experience overall and the collection is truly fabulous, check it out.

currently, i’m happily the web services co-ordinator (i.e. webmaster and general IT lackey) for the california center for the book as well as taking on some freelance web consultant projects here and there. surprisingly, a lot of this work relies on, and is due to, the stuff i learned while building this site, i.e. cms, xhtml and css, basic information architecture knowledge, hosting and installation setups, etc etc. see, those late nights fiddling with this site all for fun really did pay off. ;)

when not working or at school, you’ll find me home sweet home! home is a teeny apartment in koreatown with a loud street just outside my windows, bad pipes, and faulty electricity, but i love it. home is also sometimes maryland, just a few miles from the potomac river (that’s where i grew up and all my family is still there).

i used to be pretty involved in activist stuff, but since starting school, and even before, once i moved into this apartment by myself, i pretty much dropped all the other groups and meetings. i used to feel pretty cynical about it all and sometimes i miss the fun we had but overall i think that one day i’ll get involved again and it’ll be a better experience as i’ll be older and wiser, as will the people i’ll be around. anyhow, i was most proud of the work i did with la food not bombs – they’re a great organization and need all the support they can get.

other than that, i love to read, eat carbs and grease, shower, play with my cats, dress up, go to sleep, play with little kids, make stuff, and laugh. i’m not very good at being happy on a regular basis, expressing myself beyond simplicities and pat/practiced resposes, reading non-fiction, keeping to to-do lists, excercising regularly, keeping in touch, or keeping my temper. i’m a pretty agressive driver, i’m afraid ~ all my repressed anger just bubbles up and i start cussing and feeling really competitive.

nonetheless, i generally feel i am getting better and better all the time (knock on wood). wish me luck, and good luck to you.

a great philosophy: “first, do no harm.”


[* now i use the excellent textpattern, but before i tried ‘rolling my own’, and did pretty nicely if i may say so myself, using some basic php to access mysql databases, atomz, for free searching, and for commenting, first i tried symbio (commenting cgi script – it’s great and open source!) but it was a little overkill for me, so i set up dotcomments, which worked fine and needs no sql databases or weird cgi-stuff, i.e. it’s very easy (and fully customizable)]

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