iris finished

i’m so proud, i love this demi-shawl. this is my second handspun knitted project, and the first that’s 100% spindle-spun. yay! it’s funny, i don’t like knitting with variegated yarn usually, but i absolutely love spinning it. and in this case, i agree with others, the simpler the lace stitch is, the better it works with variegated yarn. here, the feather and fan stitch worked beautifully, if i may say so myself. ;) aren’t the colors amazing? and that last pic is kinda crazy with its super-saturation but it does show the pretty lace pattern.

i started out with the some blue faced leicester roving, in the colourway “iris”, about 4 oz of it. this resulted in about 300 yards of yarn in mostly dk weight. i doubled up the yarn, cast on, and three days later had a finished scarf. it bled a bit in the water, but i threw in some vinegar in the second wash, so that helped. then i blocked it pretty strongly, going back every few hours to re-stretch and re-pin it. as a result, it grew from 30 inches long to over 42 inches! hence the change from scarf to demi-shawl, since it’s so wide and really feels nice around my shoulders. more pics and info on the project page.

and that’s it. how satisfying! too bad it’s like 69 degrees outside. ah well, tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. good.

off to class ~ first week of school and last night’s class on “preservation of heritage materials” was excellent. i even figured out a way to bring some fiber research into my final paper, and maybe even some spinning. whatever works, right?

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