iris shawl

finished: january 12, 2006
pattern: feather and fan scarf from wendy d. johnson
yarn: my own spindle-spun yarn!

this was a quick spin and knit, all done in under a week. i bought some blue faced leicester roving from janel of chameleon colorworks at the local spinning guild’s monthly meeting. about 4 oz worth, the colors were an amzing combo of purples and lime greens in a colourway called “iris”. having no wheel, sigh, i just couldn’t resist spinning the roving immediately, even if it was on a spindle (sorry, i like spindles, but i love wheels!). i got about 300 yards worth of mostly dk weight yarn.

after sufficient fondling of the yarn, i made a giant cake of it using my new swift and ballwinder and, doubling up on the yarn – easy to do if you have a cake – i immediately cast on for the feather and fan scarf. about three days later, i was done, and worried that it would be much too short to be anything besides a simple neckwarmer.

behold the power of blocking: from 30 inches to over 42! perfect. now, it drapes prettily on my shoulders and is definitely shawl-ish. i blocked it really hard, re-pinning every few hours and stretching it as much as i could.

all in all, i love this iris shawl! it’s beeyouteeful, and i’m so fascinated by the different colors and knowing ha! i made it all by myself. very cool.

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