to pom or not to pom

help me out here, what do you think? if i do attach the poms, they’ll be attached loosely, with some braided yarn between the top and the poms themselves. hm.

thank you for all your sweet comments about my iris demi-shawl, they make me verrry happy! i’ve worn it contstantly for the past few days and it’s just as warm as i thought it’d be, yay.

i’ve spent the last few days just organizing the busy stuff in my life – all my clothes, all my bills, old and new paperwork, the fridge, threw out the christmas tree. even handwashed the delicates! and, even better, i have a space for a wheel just big enough, hee. ah, i just like to write about a wheel, but really it’s still a bit off till when i get one. ;)

in all that frenzy though, last night i came back to my apartment, after a long day at ucla, and found i had left the door unlocked!! not only that, but the door wasn’t even pulled all the way shut!! thankfully, the cats were safe and nothing was taken. i am so lucky! and so very thoughtless sometimes. ay! can you believe it. i still can’t, still find myself scared with all the “what ifs”, still shaking my head muttering “can’t believe it!”

i finally used some gift certificates given to me by my friend lalitha, thank you! so i’m off to the post office to pick up two books, yee-haw. one is deborah madison’s humungous ‘vegetarian cooking for everybody’, which ever since miri told me about and liz baked with (btw, check out liz’s new digs!), i’ve been itching to get, and deb menz’s ‘color in spinning’ since i’m determined to learn color theory. a certain someone – coughjuliacough – mentioned something about dyeing on her new deck, so i’m patiently waiting and in the meantime, learning all i can. ;)

happy day to you all ~

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