things that make me cheery

hello world. a simple list for a friday:

1) good food, like the stuff i’ve been cooking the last few days: roasted red pepper spread, potato soup, and butternut squash gratin with onions and sage. tonight i’m making candied yams and tomorrow an eggplant caviar i basically lived on when i lived in moscow, delish.

2) good music, like the great cd mix tanya sent me (along with an adorable knit flower pin, two artsy postcards up on my fridge already, and some sock yarn that i’m determined to knit into comfy slouchy socks, yay!). my favorites so far would be: well, i recently got into south park and so trey parker’s “montage” is hilarious; amerie’s “one thing” was in my head while i was in italy, so it’s great to finally be able to put a name to the tune!; be your own pet’s “electric shake” is totally rocking and i love it. dangerous to drive to, though. ;) i gotta say my fav is “angela”, the theme from taxi – i’m a sucker for seventies music, especially with organs and slow grooves.

3) lots of sleep, i.e. what i’ve been getting since quitting my job a month ago. it’s a good sign when you never regret your decision for even a moment, huh?

3) happy plans, like sometime in february i’m off to san francisco to just look at wheels, then in late march, i’ll be d.c. attending a a cool conference that’s right up my ally (computers in libraries!) also, in april i’ll be going to a spinning retreat with my guild, already put the money down, and will be sure to have a blassst. awesome. all three events mean meeting up with online buddies, so that’s even cooler.

4) and, the foolproof way to get cheery in a moment, cute overload. i love love that site, the pictures are adorable, the commentary is hilarious, and it just builds, one post after another. my absolute fav is this one.. the caption reads “Au Natural. He’s totally smiling too. Can’t you picture him sliding off the couch in slo-mo?” ha!

happy friday and have a delicious weekend ~

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