“Comanche is a 10 year old, 15 hand Appaloosa gelding. He is 15 hands. He spent a year trail riding through Will Rogers park before coming to Mill Creek in 2000.”

i kept smiling after today’s riding lesson – my first in over fourteen years(!), the first of six in the next two months – and just felt so serene and happy. it went great. i’m such an idiot for not having taken recreation classes at ucla this whole time, though now that i type that i realize, hello! i had an almost full time job. hm.

anyhow, that was very very fun. i have some theories about horsebackriding and life patterns and healing childhood hurts and all that, but it’ll wait. ;) next time, i gotta remember to break out the camera before the class is over. comanche looks a bit droopy here, but i think he’s just sad the little kid with the bucket full of apples went away.

interesting fact: my old riding boots from when i was fourteen still fit but my old riding hat does not, i.e. my feet have not grown, but my head has. ha!

~ priscilla gibson-roberts is coming out with a new spinning book! she, of knitting in the old way-fame, is such a great writer and i’m thinking this book will be of use to all who spin, on spindles or on wheels. i know her other spinning book is highly regarded by some very good spinners already. [via deb]

~ bolivia and knits: now that the new bolivian president is visiting other heads of state, is he changing the way he dresses? no way. yay bolivia. [via francesca]

~ in more dyeing education, here’s a treat: a step-by-step image-plentiful tutorial on painting rovings from a workshop taught by deb menz.. (also check out the fun online spinning game ;0 )

~ i’ve been going over wikpedia’s spinning entries, editing and adding stuff, and found this great link: spin me a yarn – spinning folklore from ballads, tales, myths and rhymes.

~ a while back, i signed up for skype but promptly lost my login info. so, second try, here it is: if you’ve got skype too, click on the image and give me a call. ;) the connection sounds even clearer than it did when i tried it a year ago, incredible. i helped my dad today set it up in maryland on his new laptop, and it felt great. voip should be the new w00t!

~ wanting to felt, needing to felt. isn’t this bag adorable? love the color choices, too.

~ i love the neckline on the latest knitting fog pattern!

~ and last but not least, pom it is! thanks.

ciao ~

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