it feels like friday!

with my new schedule, where i have monday and wednesday’s off* it’s been a little jarring to my sense of weekdays/weekend. no complaining here, it’s a nice thing to feel like it’s friday all day only to realize friday is just a couple of days away. ;)

[* that is no work or school, but always plenty to do of course, including freelance work, yeehaw. and laundry. always laundry!]

anyhow, ta-daa! my finished norwegian knit along ‘flenten’ hat. isn’t it lovely? thanks to my big old noggin, it feels a bit too snug alas but no worries, i’ll find someone worthy-enough to give it to and i’ll definitely be making more of these. i highly recommend bea ellis knit kits for the beginner fair isle-r as the color choices are many, the pattern and chart easy to read, and the result tremendously satisfying. thanks to mj for organizing the kal! i might slip in another fair isle something or other before the kal ends, we shall see. as always, more detail on the hat, plus pics of what it looks like on the inside!, on the project page.

i’m joining lolly’s project spectrum – have you heard about it? it starts march 1st, so there’s plenty of time, especially for you crazy olympians, and the general idea is just to use more color, specifically certain color groups each month. excellent!

here in l.a., the south central farmer’s community garden is being threatened! look at this google map – that big patch of green is them, to the west all housing on teeny lots and to the east all factories and industrial area. the largest community garden in l.a., it’s about 14 acres large with over 350 farmers working on it for over ten years. now, the owner wants to demolish the garden and build a warehouse there instead – please send a letter to the politicians asking to save the garden. it’s ridiculous that instead of holding this garden up as a model, it’s being threatened with demolition! grrrr.

how to grow fresh air, featuring 50 plants that help purify the air in your home. cool. also, inverted indoor gardening – v. tempting. lastly, check out this crazy keyboard – i love it! in general, pics of nature taking over technology/ man-made-things make me giddily happy.

can you believe it’s almost the end of january already? wow.

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