missing l.a.

for years now, i’ve been planning on leaving l.a. once i get my masters, and move somewhere closer to my family in maryland. not to maryland – i’ve never wanted to live in maryland, every since i was pretty young, don’t know why – but somewhere close-ish so i could drive or fly there for weekend get-togethers, birthdays, school plays, and the everyday things like that. however, as the date gets nearer – graduation will be in mid-june and i imagine i’ll leave by autum at the latest – it gets harder to really start planning on leaving l.a., not being here in this city that i never gave a thought to, never thinking i’d live in at all, much less almost six years now.

i’ve been such a hermit, in some ways, since starting school – on the weekends, given choice, i usually prefer to putter around my kitchen or sit and read and nap. so it’s kinda funny to realize i’d miss the city itself. new yorkers are famous for being really loyal to their city, talking about the rhythm of it as if it were alive. being the country girl, i always scoffed and thought cities were convenient but superficial and all kinds of other snobby thoughts. .. anyhow, i’ll miss l.a., it’s rhythm, the atmosphere, the familiar look and feel of it, totally unique and un-mistakable.

so, in an effort to come to grips and really get a hold on what i plan to do – i’m a master at escapism! – i’m stealing an idea from heidi and starting a ‘things i like/don’t like about l.a.’ list. once i figure out where i’m going, i’ll post a similar list for wherever that may be.

sheesh, i sound so moody. don’t worry, i’ve just been feeling all emotional the last few days – stupid commericals get me teary, and all that junk. it’s all good though, everyone should have a nice cry now and then, nothing wrong with that.

these lists aren’t in order by priority or anything, and please, if you know l.a., add your own in the comments, i’m sure i’ll forget things.

first off: i’ll miss these trees. don’t know what they’re called but the minute i saw them it was love at first sight (i’m a believer!). the booklover in me immediately sees paper and gasps, the russian major sees a type of birch and sighs happily, and the fantasy fan sees a tree whose bark feels like very soft cork and is delighted. hmm, that last bit might seem weird. ;) (though i can’t say i’ve quite given up on the idea of dryads, either.) anyhow, i love love these trees. there’s a row of them on my walk to class and i always give them an affectionate pat as i walk by.

also, just because i’m proud, here’s a pic of some bread i made – last week’s banana bread, that’s still quite fresh and delish for breakfast (yes, i’m eating breakfast, chicas!) and then two loaves of heavenly lemony bread. made with cottage cheese, they’re light yet satisfying. though they could’ve risen a tad bit more, i’m ever so proud of them. they’re also given affectionate pats whenever i walk by. ha!

happy monday ~

p.s. by the way, have you heard about whipup? looks good so far, though somewhat mysterious too. nice combo, there. [via soule mama]

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