hey there ~ two happy realizations:

1) for many, a justification for spinning is that you won’t spend so much money on yarn, and i gotta say it’s true! it’s hard for me to buy yarn i know i can make (or at least, will be able to make once i get better at spinning), unless it’s on a severe sale or i have a project in mind and it Must Be Knit Now. in reality, that’s meant less than $40 of yarn bought since august, wooohoo!

2) when i do get in the mood to yarn shop, the funnest thing to do lately is buy sample cards and patterns.. like eunny’s argyle vest, for my first steeking adventure (yikes), and knitpicks, peace fleece, and bartlett yarn sample cards. cheap, or even free shipping, a feeling of maturity and look-how-responsible-i-am, and mail to look forward to – all good things.

besides that, my syno scarf arrived! and finally, the syno shrug i knit was finally sent today to cassie. i hope she likes it! i’m obviously not very good with deadlines and will think at least three times before committing to something like this again, no matter how cool and tempting it is, like syno was. ;)

~ they’re making a dark crystal sequel! that was such a spooky good movie, yay. plus, i love puppets, always have – they’re creepy but fun. [via site & soundbytes]

~ celtic chart generator will create a chart for any text you want knitted [via helloyarn]

~ article on early retirement, hm. [via kottke]

~ knit graffiti! [via not martha]

~ check out you tube, they have an amazing amount of tv clips, old and new, really great, and alll free. like my favorite video a-ha’s take on me (i had such a crush on the lead singer, he was like my ideal man, no joke.)

~ the always amazing pluckyfluff has crazy plying thread for sale that glows in the dark and changes color in sunlight. wow!

~ next time you’re bored at work, draw a house. silly, but once you’re done, it’ll be put on a ‘street’ with other houses. although some people drew amazing stuff, my cottage is a little weak-looking. but hey, i’m waving, and see, no lawn, yay.

~ check out the preview for brokeback to the future. ha, love it! [via miri]

i’m having a dinner party with some ex-co-workers tomorrow, too cool. we’re such a varied group, it’s bound to be an excellent time. they’re all foodies of some type or another, so it’s gotta be good food, i’m planning the menu now. also, tomorrow is a spinning guild meeting, yay. i’m hoping to buy some dye, should be fun. then, my horseback riding class on sunday – so far i’m loving loving it. i’m hoping we canter this weekend, i used to love cantering. ..!

hope you all have lovely weekends as well ~ ~

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