a great weekend but since then the week has really bit. i had my first spinning conversion at the dinner party on friday, but like a dork, forgot to take a pic of my star pupil. ;) no fear, she left my place with her own spindle, some fiber, and a good spinning mag – see? i’m a responsible spinner. ..the party was such a hit – i had a great great time catching up with friends and was relieved to see that seven people in my apartment was not too crowded at all. i’ve also been cooking like a madwoman: homemade applesauce, herbed croutons, herbed butter – can you tell i’m trying to use up my fresh (store-bought) herbs? – spinach lasagna and goat cheese gratin, watercress & endive salad, and even some chocolate fondue. delish.

my body hurts a lot recently – aches from actually using muscles that normally are allowed to just be and not actually do anything. one of my sisters drew up an exercise plan for toning and stuff and then with horseback riding classes (still loving it, just frustrated with the group lesson setting – just a few slowpokes and uninterested can bring the whole class to a halt, arggh), some part of my body is always a bit touchy. it feels good though – is cathartic the right word here?

on monday, i went with a handful of other library students up north to tour the library at the san luis obispo prison, “california mens’ colony” – isn’t that bizarre it’s called a colony? anyhow, it was an all-day thing and really intense and i feel like i’m still kinda processing it. i think everyone in the u.s. should at some point bee inside a prison, just to get a glimse of what life is like for the many (with the numbers always growing) that spend years and years of their lives there. it was depressing to see all these kids there, just little ones, barely 20. the whole prison system is so friggin corrupt and inherently wrong, it’s just depressing and scary. … the focus should be on rehabilitation, and it’s not! people should not be in prison for non-violent crimes! they shouldn’t be put in jail for being addicted to drugs! the three strike law is bogus! etc etc. sigh. the library was a great thing to see – and there need to be many more! – but the setting was just too overwhelming to be able to focus on it much at all.

… so! i leave you with some happy photos (tequila is my mom’s dog, a typical trouble pose, and then my first spindle-spun and spindle-plyed yarn), in hopes of not scaring you off. i have the beatles’ song in my head “it’s get-ting bettah all the tiiiime..” and a headache as well – what a lovely combo. off to write a paper, take a good long shower, and then maybe a nap. as my cousins say, chausito ~ ~

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