i met up with some fellow knitting spinners (like rose! hi there ;) ) on saturday and a great time was had by all. ah, thank goodness for the fiber arts – without them, my social life would be nil. every other week there’s some kind of yarn thing and it’s a big part of what’s been keeping me sane. and then there’s all of you out there who read and say nice things and just generally send good vibes – thank you! i know i don’t say it enough, but seriously thank you thank you thank you! i’ve been keeping my eye on the number of comments and it’s nearing the big 1-0-0-0 (wow). i’m planning some serious fun stuff to celebrate, so stay tuned and believe me, a fair number of you will be richly rewarded. or at least get a postcard or something. ;) hee.

knitting-wise, this is what i’ve got on the needles: the lace leaf pullover. lovely, no? (though my leaves look a bit funky in the pics, in person they look better, i swear.) after all my fawning over the pattern last fall, i’m happy to have finally started it. i’m using rowan’s polar, which i got for pretty darn cheap via cucumberpatch. i love love this yarn. it’s a wool/alpaca/acrylic mix that’s soft, not scratchy at all and light as a feather. the color is beautiful and calming, and the name, “silver lining”, always makes me smile. plus with just a little steam from the tea kettle, i can already tell it’s going to block like a dream.

my birthday is coming up in march, so i’m giving myself an early present by going up to the bay area for a full 24 hours, flying up in the morning, back the next morning. and guess who i’m going to stay with? meowgirl! very exciting – she’s such a sweetie and with her help, i’m going to storm carolina homespun and try out every wheel i can. no wheel purchases guaranteed, but definitely a lot of drooling and such will happen.* that’s in less than two weeks, yay.

hmm, what else is going on? still a lot of cooking, which is great. a bunch of good and sucky movie watching. .. oh! at yesterday’s horseback riding class i cantered! it was exhilirating and scary at the same time, so excellent.. i really love my horse classes, i definitely want to continue taking classes in the spring. i’ve been riding the same horse for weeks now, a grey gelding named pepper. pepper bites but i still like him a whole lot, just gotta watch the teeth.

heidi posted about this personality mapping thing. basically, i click on words that i think describe me and then you click on words that you think fit me, and then it’s compared. totally fun ~ and i would be really interested to see what you all think. try it out!

hope everyone’s weekend was fabulous and happy vacation monday. hope you slept in ~ ~

*march *will be The Month of The Wheel, though. that’s decided. ;) i’m hoping that possibly maybe someones (coughfamilycough) might get the wheel for me for my bday. hey, a girl can dream!*

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