a new background*

i love the different colors of wood, and in my apartment there’s a couple different types that really appeal. since you all have seen only the table – again and again, in every photo it seems ;) – i thought, hey i like this floor, let’s just take a pic there. so, yup, my pretty (dusty) floor. also, a nice sideline view of what all old buildings in l.a. have, that is, long metal bars for earthquake proofing, supposedly. and see all those cracks between the boards? a total haven for crumbs and kitty litter – what a lovely combo.

the most important part is the yarn, of course. a little treat from me to me (there will be many of those this coming month!) via nordic fiber arts. i loved knitting my flenten hat, and really enjoyed the whole fair isle process. so, on to #2 for the norwegian knit-along. aren’t the colors lovely? oh, it’s a bag featured in the summer 2004 IK.

as for the lace leaf pullover, i’m a bit stymied, but taking it in stride. grafting was interesting and i think my results were pretty good. seaming is usually fun but for some reason, after that first sleeve, i’m putting off the second. one thing i do know, it fits, and it actually fits big, which is what i wanted. i like little tops, but i’ve been really wanting to knit a comfy sweater for a while, so this totally fits the ticket.

randomness: i got a cellphone! a pre-paid cheapy thing, but i like it a lot, plus i have a crickets chirping ringtone which is every so soothing and fun. next, i’ve read that carbohydrates trigger the release of seratonin, which has a calming effect, so bring on the potatoes!

i’ve kind of lost track of things this past week – i was all excercising, and eating healthy, and on top of work, and this week, as par course when the quarter is nearing its end, i let it all just go flppppp. old habits returning, hard-won changes disintigrating. so, last night was my indulging watch-tv-and-barely-move time whereas today so far has been Productive. cross you fingers for me, please. i’m turning 29 in a week and i feel very un-adultish. what i want for my birthday this year is Stability. is that at all possible? you tell me.

nonetheless, happy weekend ~

*a new overall background coming up march 1st to celebrate the first month of project spectrum. be very excited.

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