off to san francisco for the day in just a few hours ~ so very excited! i intend to enjoy every moment ;) in the meantime, a few links and a pic for you..

first, project spectrum has begun! every month, and maybe even more often, my background will change* to reflect the colors for that month and, as you can see, this month is red and pink. so i picked a, i think, great shot of.. can you guess what? answer below, thought not upside down ;)

here’s the progress on my fair isle bag ~ i’m happy with it so far. colorwork is really really fun to do and just speeds ahead. i was even able to fix an error a few rows down – totally not as hard as i thought it’d be. i’m taking it with me to s.f. to show off to meowgirl, yay

~ check out the new spindlicity! it’s been re-designed and is just pure eye candy, really lovely. the patterns are cute (felted tea holders!) and the articles (flame yarn!) are good. and there’s a little book review in there by me, too.

~ the new magknits is up as well (and isn’t knitty due soon?) – i especially like the delphine wilson-inspired top

~ i want to go trapezing. i’d feel like a bird, how cool would that be! this spinner posted about her own swinging and now i’m googling like mad to find l.a.-area resources.

~ things like these little containers recycyled out of old contact lens cases make me happy

~ cute elann free pattern alert

~ if you’ve read the last harry potter book, read this – a very interesting theory. warning: spoilers abound in the url alone, so don’t even hover over the link if you haven’t gotten through book six yet

~ another great reason to work in a library: library cats map

~ the internet archive, always incredible, has a great selection of classic cartoons, including the eerily-pitched betty boop and annoying woody woodpecker. very fun.

~ last but by no means least, congrats to all you knitting olympians! you make me proud

happy march ~ ~

*if you don’t see any change and it’s still all snowy winter wonderland, try clearing your browser’s cache (usually in preferences or options) and then hitting reload a few times.

[*answer: right, blood! maybe initially disturbing, but really, we all have it; without it, we’re dead; and shoot, it’s pretty to boot. just think, we’re all walking around with all this red inside of us! is it only me that finds that fascinating? ;) * ]

update: just got back. had an excellent time – everyone should be so lucky to hang out with meowgirl – and though my legs are exhausted from walking (what a wimpy angeleno!), i now know that a majacraft rose is in my future for sure. exactly when, i don’t quite know, but that’s the wheel for me, hands down. more later.. it’s almost the weekend, yay

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