happy international woman’s day!

first off, thanks to each and every one of you for the sweet birthday wishes! for some reason, my camera isn’t working unless its attached to its charging dock, so you’ll have to wait for pics of my birthday giftys and cards for a bit, but more important than any gifts were the emails, comments, phone calls, and cards i got – at the guild meeting on saturday, the members even broke out into song! (have i made it clear yet that i love my guild?) as before, i declare this my birthday month though, so be prepared for more fesitivities down the line. ;)

next, happy woman’s day! i’ve been racking my brain trying to think of another good memory to share, but really, last year’s was the best. so, if you didn’t read it last year, check it out now – it’s a real happy memory for me and hopefully will inspire in you the spirit of the day. to all you women out there, go you for trying to be the best woman you can be, and in this world, that is at times a really hard thing as there’s so much crrrrrap out there trying to bring us down. this year, it’s a bit less happy as i read the news and wonder what the coming months will bring – particuarly with what’s happening in south dakota & georgia , ugh. [links via feministe]

fiber-wise, i did some experimental felting, my work on the fair isle bag is progressing pretty nicely, my laceleaf sweater is being punished for being bad, and i’m getting better at plying on my spindle. and later today or tomorrow, i’m going to experiment dyeing. so, very busy! sorry for the lack of photos – i hope to get the camera fixed today.

and now, some links:

~ tutorial on creating fake miniature model photography using photoshop [via ljcfyi]

~ whilst researching wheels, look what i found: the majacraft alpaca wheel for spinning really fine yarn. i can’t figure out whether this is a new wheel soon to be sold or an old one that they’ve already phased out, but look at that cute little alpaca, aww.

~ a big collection of brokeback mountain parodies, though some are really bad. my favs are top gun and back to the future.

~ i just subscribed to a spinning zine found via the lj ‘spinning fiber’ community – with each zine you get a felted bead so at the end of the subscription, you could make a bracelet or whatever out of them all, cool.

~ anthropologie’s description of their librarian button-up is annoying, however cute the actual top is.

~ for fair isle junkies, check out this amazing collection of patterns [via mothheaven]

~ a great article on the joy of making [via path to freedom]

this saturday, if you hear franctic screaming around noon, pay no attention – it’ll just be me at my very first trapezing class. when i told my dad what i was doing, he was totally surprised – good! that’s what you get for making assumptions about librarians/spinners/me! ;)

(and a public thank you to meowgirl for finding me the place, you rock.)

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