unexpectedly, a car day

hi there ~ happy friday. it’s been a little hectic (isn’t it always, though?) but i’m feeling cautiously relaxed. sounds silly, probably. the things is, less than 48 hours ago, i found out my whole building was being sprayed for cockroaches. fun times. anyhow, the letter helpfully noted that i needed to

1) remove everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers and cupboards, clear contents from stove and over.
2) remove shoe boxes, storage cartoons [sic], etc etc, from all closets.
3) remove all animal, birds, cats, dogs; if you own a aquarium, cover tank with a towel [i.e. your fish are s.o.l.]
4) lock all windows
5) vacate premises for 4 hours

this happened two years ago, and that was equally nerve-wracking – but at least then i had a car. i was seriously considering just putting the cats in their cages and sitting out on the landing for four hours. crrazy. when i came to my senses, i realized i needed to get a car.

a-ha! flexcar. i’ve belonged to them since feburary, and i used a flexcar to drive up to solvang when i got my wheel – it’s $10 an hour, but they pay for gas and, in the shape my car was in, i knew it couldn’t handle a four+ hour drive. anyhow, i had some credited hours and so that’s what i’m doing today: driving around aimlessly with my cats until it’s safe to come home.

a small to-do list: – buy some ribbon and zippers – maybe go to trader joes? – take the cats to a park? i have their harnesses but i’m worried since they’ve never dealt with that before – return library books

ok, i’m off ~ wish me and my little family good luck!

p.s. that first photo is of my entire kitchen contents piled on my sofa. the rest of my apartment looks just as bad. yikes.

update: all is well. whatta day.

still deciding on ribbons; this will be my first zipper-ing (scandalous!); trouble and mama cat were scared at first, then trouble got brave but mama cat kept trying to scoot under my legs, looking for a cave, trouble eyed a squirrel and then decided it was wasn’t worth her time. ;)

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