crazy runners!

my dad is running the boston marathon right now. there’s this new feature this year where the runner can have emails, text messages, etc sent automatically to a few people, giving them an update of the actual time for that runner. my dad said something about a RFID tag that he ties on his shoe? i’ll have to ask for details, and a photo!, later. anyhow, here’s what i have so far:

110th Boston Marathon 2006

At 12:53 PM, Charles H at 10K.

Pace: 04:34
Projected Finish Time: 3:12:03 (Net)


110th Boston Marathon 2006

At 1:45 PM, Charles H at 21K.

Pace: 04:40
Projected Finish Time: 3:16:30 (Net)

he’s got 21 km to go! he said he’d be happy with anything around 3 1/2 hours, so he’s doing great so far, seems to me. especially considering he got some big ole splinter in his foot the other day and hasn’t yet managed to get it out. ! he said he didn’t want to make his foot more sore, so he figured he’d just double up on socks. crrrrrazy.

this is his 5th boston marathon and after this he plans on running the marathon in rome. go poppy go!


At 3:36 PM, Charles H has finished.
Pace: 04:57 per km
Finish Time: 3:28:41

yay yay!

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