it’s been slow. i see the same happening on a lot of sites – blogs and otherwise – and though it could just be spring fever, or something like that, it could also be a normal lessening of the blog/online world/hype. (too many forward slashes is a vice, i know i know. ditto for parentheses.)

anyhow, my main excuse is that my portfolio was due. in lieu of a thesis (thank goodness!), graduates-to-be in my program have to assemble some of their favorite (ahem) papers, write up some statements (“leadership”, “professional goals”, ay.), have it all bound up nicely and then presented to a panel of professors and outside professionals. the actual presentation will be in mid-may, happily. officially, as long as my portfolio passes muster, i can fail every class this quarter and still graduate. that will not happen, but it’s a nice way to think about it once in a while. so, about 90 pages of writing plus a CD filled with examples of my web work, online projects, etc. phhhhewwww, done.

knitting has been going on. what you see here, on top of my portfolio, yay, is the beginning of madli’s shawl from interweave’s knits a few summers back – about 7 repeats in, 24 to go. i think it took me four times to finally cast on correctly and get the first row done without errors. ack! but since then, smooth sailing.

i also signed up for more horseback riding classes. too too fun, though i feel like a creaky old lady thursday nights. my classes this time around are on wednesday evenings, but strangely thursday morning i feel fine and triumphant, and then nighttime comes and all of a sudden i can barely move. why does that happen? anyhow, the class is excellent – only four of us, a great teacher, and though i’m the most beginner of them all, i still feel really upbeat and excited about this week. i even got some horseback riding books out of the library. yup, i gave myself homework.

thanks for all the nice comments on my fair isle bag! also, go wish heidi’s & christine’s babies a happy welcoming to the world ~ ~

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