keeping busy

~ this friday i’m off to a fiber retreat – mostly spinning, but also felting and knitting and who knows what else. should be awesome. i have several pounds of fiber to play with and some great new spinning books, so i’m ready for the weekend. yay.

~ sometime next week, i’ll receive the yarn to start the urban aran (which for the longest time i kept calling the urban armor). cannot. wait. especially after seeing brooklyntweed‘s version. following the trend, i’m making it a cardigan and using elann’s peruvian highland chunky, for which i just happened to have a color card.

~ i’m about halfway through the madli shawl, but i plan on slowing down a bit since my hands hurt after an hour or two. mixing it up with the urban aran should definitely help, though.

~ i can spin woolen! all my yarn up to now has been worsted, which i like, but woolen is so light and fluffy and, more than anything, i just enjoy knowing i can do it. at least i think i did it.. ;) the lovely fiber was a gift from my friend rose, who i hung out with a lot last weekend. thanks rose!

~ got my hair dyed today. it’s darrrrrk. i like it. but it’s bound to lighten up a bit in the next few washes, so i’ll wait to post pics. quite a shock from the whole uber-blonde look i’ve had the last year or so.

~ my great fiber friend francesca just started a blog, fluffbuff – welcome! she’s very cool and has adorable cats, check it out.

~ along with a few other l.a. folks, i signed up for camp pluckyfluff this august. should be a ton of fun, plus i’ll come back making awesome yarn, promise.

~ my sister is pregnant again. yup, that’s right, she has an 18-month old, two 9-months, and is now a little over two months pregnant. can you say “crazy”?! of course, we’re all tickled pink. or blue. not sure yet.

~ i just accepted a mini-job proposal for the summer that has helped me go on a teeny shopping spree (i.e. the yarn, fiber, dyejob, and camp mentioned/pictured above).

once again, thank goodness for fiber and online friends, without you all i’d be rocking myself to sleep at night. off to read a good book and chill out, hope your wednesday rocks ~

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