so much to do!

i’m going to be posting a lot this week, i’m thinking. there’s just too much going on. so, for now, a quick recap of my awesome weekend and some links.

i went on a fiber retreat and this is what i brought back:
1) a felt hat (!) that needs some stiffening for the brim, some grosgrain ribbon on the inside as well, and maybe some bias tape on the rim to prettify the edges.*
2) two bobbins full of yarn-to-be-plied using janel’s lovely roving (colorway “leaf peepers”)
3) sunburn – on arms (hello, farmer tan!), nose, and scalp

there was a lot of laughing and talking with some fabulous women, good food, and incredible views. see francesca’s post for pics and such. a great time was had and it all passed way too quickly.

oh and yes, that’s my new hair. brown! with some reds, that you can’t see. and some blondes on the top, always fun. a smorgasboard of color. better pics later.

meow girl just posted about the same thing, though her husband did it a bit more cleverly. i just bought mine, and it’s clay, not real eggshell, but here’s my newly sprouting basil. isn’t it too cute? it inspired me to buy some other herb plants and seeds, though pics for that will have to wait.

now, some links:

~ have you seen stephen colbert’s speech at the white house correspondents’ dinner? it’s great and funny as can be. i love how the camera stopped swinging over to bush to capture his reactions after a bit, ha.

~ i don’t have a microwave, and though at times i miss popcorn-in-45-seconds and all that, in general, i feel happy not to have one in my home. here’s another good reason: check out what this science experiment showed when a little girl watered two plants, one with stove-boilded water, the other with water that was microwaved. shudder.[via path to freedom]

~ make your own salt! wow. [also via ptf]

~ the eat local challenge people started a book club, so especially for those of you who can’t participate belly-wise this month (and believe me, i understand, it’s going to be hard at times for me, i know already!), how about head-wise? (oh the new words i make up. don’t groan!)

i’m busy busy in my knitting – and anxiously awaiting some deliveries, yay. love getting mail. i’m about 60% done with madli shawl – 20 out of 31 repeats done, so with about a repeat a day, i should be done in the next two weeks.

tomorrow i’ll post my answers to the the eat local challenge questionnaire as well as some happy photos of local produce. bye!

(*in the photos, you see the felt hat on a hat form – “gambler” – from

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