to friends

i’m in a sentimental mood tonight, a nice mellow one that’s all the more pleasant knowing i have zip plans for tomorrow, i.e. i can sleep in till noon if i wish. lovely. anyhow, the sentimentality comes from sweet old friends, friends i’ve broken bread with and laughed with and etc etc. i just plain sigh with happiness at the prospect of hanging out with any and all of them again. even lovelier!

a fantastic high school friend who always had a great head on his shoulders got in touch with me and our subsequent emailing has me very happy, i hung out with an amazingly creative and sweet former co-worker last weeked and talked her ear off, and now i just got a possible job referral from another former co-worker who has always very obviously been a kindred spirit (and gave me that great little swift a while back!) ah, to be so lucky in friends! that makes me feel rich beyond belief. (getting so cheesy, geez!) .. i should throw them all a party. seriously! hm, how many people can i fit in this studio apartment? …

i wish i had a photo to show what i’m feeling – but for now, words will have to do. here’s hoping we’re all appreciative of such friends – i know right now, i definitely am. yay to all of you!

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